Saint Margaret's Fellowship exists to support the efforts and protect the rights of those providing home education according to the magisterial teachings of the Catholic faith.


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The Nativity of Our Lady; and Our Lady of the Rosary

Please join us September 8th as we celebrate the birth of Our Blessed Mother, and October 7th as we celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary. See forum for full details!


All Saints Party

Join us November 5th when the kids dress as their favorite saint and pray the Litany of Saints, followed by games. See forum for full details!

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Annual Open Board Meeting

All SMF Members are invited to participate in the Open Board Meeting on November 17th - we'll be electing a new board to begin July 1, 2023, so don't miss it! See forum for details.


Our Lady of Loreto Gingerbread House Making!

Join us December 10th as we listen to the story of the House of Loreto while making ginger bread houses in honor of this miracle. See forum for more details.


Conversion of St. Paul Party!

Join us January 25th, 2023 as we play pin St. Paul on the donkey and read the Bible story of St. Pauls conversion. Dessert and fellowship included! :) See forum for more details.


St. Valentine's Day Party! February 14th, 2023

Join us as the kids exchange Valentines - coffee/tea and snacks will be available for parents. See forum for further details.

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Reality Store - March 25th, 2023

All kids of SMF are eligible to participate in this year's Reality Store (with parental consent). See forum for further details on how to apply.